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This is our(www.beetlesgel.com) story.


We’ve all experienced those moments when we walk into a nail salon and figure out that doing a stylish nail costs much more than our budget. What do we do? Do we just stop taking care of our beauty? Or do we just save up for it? Neither. These are not our solutions.


That’s why we decided to start Beetles. We want to provide the best quality of nail polish products at the most affordable price to people who take care of themselves, who want to present the best version of themselves for different occasions, and who enjoy doing nail arts in their own space.


We started off from New Jersey and sourced over the USA, Germany, and UK to get the best non-toxic ingredients, and eventually decided to produce our products in one of the best factories in China for the lowest costs of production. To run our business and respond to the market more effectively and efficiently, we set up two operation teams, one in the US, one in China.


We developed a new system to produce the nail polish gels as fast as possible to match up with the fast fashion’s pace. We also designed different kits for people based on their needs, for example, for starters, we understand the struggles of choosing what products to start with, therefore we picked the necessary items and combined them into a Starter Kit which became many American girls’ first nail DIY kit. We have developed more than 700 different colors in a year, updated for every season, every holiday, and every occasion.


Whatever mood you feel for the moment, whenever you need for special occasions, whoever you want to impress today, we want to be there for you. To embellish your day, to be bold, to be yourself. To be Beetles.


- Be Bold, Be Me, Be Beetles -



Ballet Dress | 6 Colors Gel Polish Set


Beetles Top and Base Coat 15 ml

£29.99 £19.98

5-in-1 Strengthener Builder Nail Gel 12 Colors Set- 7.5ml/Each


Whimsical Wonders | 6 Colors Gel Polish Set


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