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White Gel Polish

Timeless and versatile, white is suitable for all seasons and every classic creation. Beetles' range of white shades stands out on its own and is perfect for use as a base or touch-up color to elevate any nail look.

The Elegance of White Gel Polish: Shades for Every Style

Within the palette of white, there's a shade perfectly suited to every taste and occasion, making white gel polish one of the most adaptable choices for nail enthusiasts. In this exploration, we delve into the various shades of white gel polish and how to select the ideal one for any setting.


Pure White: The definitive choice in white gel polish, pure white is crisp and clean, embodying a sleek, modern aesthetic that never fades from fashion. Ideal for both professional settings and social gatherings, this striking shade makes a bold statement and pairs seamlessly with any ensemble, from casual wear to elegant evening gowns.

Ivory White: Slightly softer than pure white, ivory has a warm, subtle elegance. It’s perfect for those who prefer a gentle, understated look. This shade is particularly suitable for weddings and other formal occasions, offering a classic touch that complements a wide array of colors and fabrics.

Pearl White: Pearl white gel polish features a hint of iridescence, giving nails a glamorous shimmer. This luxurious variant is a fantastic pick for festive occasions or parties where you want to add a splash of sophistication without overwhelming your outfit.

Snow White: A vibrant, attention-grabbing white with a hint of blue undertones, snow white is ideal for those looking to make a fresh and vivacious statement. It’s especially striking in the winter months, matching the season’s crisp, frosty atmosphere.

Cream White: Offering a muted, off-white tone, cream white is rich and soothing. It’s an excellent choice for everyday wear, providing a soft yet polished look that’s versatile enough to transition from office to evening outings.



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Glitter Silk | 6 Colors Gel Polish Set

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Mermaid Pearl |15ml Gel Polish

Color is the answer!🌺🌺What do you think of this shade? PACKAGE INCLUDES:-Gel Nail Polish*1(.5 fl.Oz/Each 15ml Big Bottle) "The formula of beetles gel nail polish...

Crystal Snowflakes #c733 |15ml Gel Polish

Color is the answer!🌺🌺What do you think of this shade? COLOR NUMBER:c733 PACKAGE INCLUDES:-Gel Nail Polish*1(.5 fl.Oz/Each 15ml Big Bottle) "The formula of beetles gel nail...

Plum Mauve #d405 |15ml Gel Polish

Color is the answer!🌺🌺What do you think of this shade? COLOR NUMBER:d405 PACKAGE INCLUDES:-Gel Nail Polish*1(.5 fl.Oz/Each 15ml Big Bottle) "The formula of beetles gel nail...

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Bring the salon to you

Toxin Free & Long-lasting Wear

No chipping + shiny nails for 2 weeks? We have the solution! You don't have to go to a nail salon to have perfect gel nails — you can DIY the salon service yourself. A professional-quality and budgest-friendly option for you!


“I’ve been getting gel manicures for YEARRRRS at the salon and DIY at home. I have to say they are by far the best gel polishes I’ve used!! This polish does not get as hard as other gel polishes I’ve used in the past and I didn’t like that at first but after a few uses I’ve noticed that because of the flexibility the polish never chips or lifts! I’ve worn the polish for 2+ weeks without any times or lift! And it still gives a little bit of strength to my otherwise weak AF nails.”

By Misan

"I was dreaming of getting this set cause I love all the colors! I had a couple other beetles gel polishes and base so I knew what quality to expect. I do my own nails and I love this brand. The colors are bright and very good pigmented. They are not too liquidy or too thick - just right! They lever good and with some colors (especially sparkles) one layer is enough.Now I use it for storage of all the gel polished I have."

By Victoria

"This is the best DIY gel polish I have ever used!!!I have had the same polish one for 10 days as of now, used scotch brite scrub pads to complete housecleaning several times, and not a single nail has polish lifting or separating.The polish has a thicker consistency and only requires 2 color coats, even for the lighter shades. Best part, there's no sticky residue left on the top coat! I HIGHLY recommend this brand and have already made more purchases of different colors since!💅💜”

By Sarah


Ballet Dress | 6 Colors Gel Polish Set


Beetles Top and Base Coat 15 ml

£29.99 £19.98

5-in-1 Strengthener Builder Nail Gel 12 Colors Set- 7.5ml/Each


Whimsical Wonders | 6 Colors Gel Polish Set


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