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Beetles Trio

"The formula of beetles nail gel adapts 9 toxin-free ingredients, no harm to your nails. A budget friendly option for gel polish that still can provide beginner and manicurist with long-lasting wear and high-gloss shine over time."💅💅💅

-UV Gel Base Top Coat

-Gel Polish Base Coat (.25 fl.Oz/7.5 ml)
-UV Gel Top Coat (.25 fl.Oz/7.5 ml)
-Gel Matte Top Coat(.25 fl.Oz/7.5 ml)

-Before applying, ensure your nails are completely dry, clean, and oil-free.It may produce an allergic reaction by skin contact, so read the use directions first.Please use with caution and avoid contact with your eyes, mouth, and skin.
-Please take skin test every time before doing manicure.
-Please stop using immediately once feeling uncomfortable.
#To view our MSDS sheet, CLICK HERE.

-Cure under lamp for 90-120 secs. Base and Top coat required.If gel feels thick or tacky, place in hot water for 1-2 minutes, remove from water and shake well.


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